This summer I am off to Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada to paint in the

Parrsboro International Plein Air Festival. Stay tuned for the results...

The results are in!!!

First Place Quick Draw, Artist's Choice Quick Draw and an honorable mention.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Honorable Mention





                                                                                                     First Place Quick Draw


                                                                                                        Artist's Choice Award



Check out my latest works at The Wells Gallery, Kiawah Island.


Below are two of the seven paintings sold with Olmsted Plein Air Atlanta in April.




Just got word Towing the Line below will be published in 2019

The Best of Watercolor: Splash 20



Recent Works Below: 

Two are from Boston and two from Charleston.  Can you guess which is which?






Plein Air Easton 2017

Tilghman Island Paint-Out $1000 Artists' Choice Award

Tilghman Toil

What a great time in Easton. Below are more works from my week:


Take Me! Take Me!                                                                  Night at the Narrows

Oxford Morning


Mountain Maryland Plein Air June 6 - 10

What a week! While painting in the beautiful mountains of Maryland Russell Jewell claimed a Third Place Award at the  Bedford Resort Paint Out and a First Place Award at the Mountain Maryland Quick Draw.  Check out the results below:

First Place Quick Draw Mountain Maryland 2016

Other paintings from Mountain Maryland:




It a Winner!!

$1000.00 John Singer Sargent Award 2016 Transparent Watercolor Society of America

Kenosha Public Museum Kenosha, Wisconsin May 7 - August 7, 2016



2016 began with painting in a s-e-r-i-e-s.  These five originals were created from multiple photographs of weddings taken while in Japan. The first piece depicitng the bride has already been accepted into the Transparent Watercolor Society of America's 2016 Exhbition in California.


Plein Air Annapolis June 8th, 2015



Dog Gone Dingy  12x 24

Judged: Best Quick Draw and People's Choice Award for Paint Annapolis 2015

Harbor Queen Valet Parking   12x24


Easels in Frederick 2015








It is the word awaited by all artists:  The following work by

Russell Jewell was accepted into the

American Watercolor Society 2015 Exhibition in New York



Plein Air 2015 is Here!!

My first stop is Plein Air Olmsted, Atlanta

Cover PhotoOlmsted Plein Air Invitational

Olmsted Plein Air Invitational

Check it out @ Olmsted


Plaza Theatre, painted in Olmsted Plein Air 2015


Plein Air 2014

  Summer for Dr. Jewell means time for "Plein Air."  This year Russell Jewell has been juried into Easels in

Frederick, Md., Plein Air Richmond, Va., Easton Plein Air, Easton, Md., and in September, Piedmont Plein Air in Highpoint, NC. Plein Air competition results are now coming to fruition. At one point during the summer Jewell competed in three competitions in which he won five awards!   Plein air work can also be viewed as a speed painting put to music on Youtube.  Simply search Youtube with "Russell Jewell Plein Air" to see the results or "click" on the URL address below:



Piedmont Plein Air: Best in Show


Artist's Choice Award!!!



Just Published:

In September '14 North Light published Incite 2 color passions

which included work by Russell Jewell




Plein Air Easton 2014:







Easels in Frederick 2014: Jewell wins Honorable Mention

in Architectural Painting, as well as, People's Choice Award


Look Both Ways  (People's Choice and HM Best Architecture)

Other paintings from Easels in Frederick 2014:





Plein Air Richmond 2014:  Jewell wins Honorable Mention

City Hall Hot Dog (HM Award)

Below are other paintings completed for Plein Air Richmond 2014





  In the News:




   What an incredible week in Frederick! This year artists were allowed to paint anywhere in the county but it was a rainy day in downtown Frederick at the intersection of East and 3rd Street that paid off. I painted the scene below from the front seat of my car as the rain poured down.  The painting: "After the Rain" was chosen as the Collector's Choice Award by the collector's at the opening reception and it was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner by judge Roy Donoughe. (Frederick, Md.)

   Below are the other images that sold out at Easels in Frederick:





   Before Easels in Frederick I competed in Plein Air Richmond where I painted six and sold three.  Below are the paintings:



                                                                                         (Richmond, Va.)





2012 Plein Air Results


Back from Plein Air Easton! and what a week.  Check out some of my efforts below:

The Calling                   Sold   Hinckley's View                    Sold
Light on Harrison   Barn Dance                           
The Invitation                                                         Shadow Lands                 

The painting below was my Quick Draw painting.  Twenty minutes after it began came a downpour.  I crawled under Martini's Canopy and completed the painting.

Halleujah What a Morning                              
Well Groomed   Martini's  Canopy               


              I am excited about all the following spring/summer 2012 opportunities:

      In April competed in Callaway Garden's Plein Air quick draw in Georgia. calendar.pleinair.event

      In April received an award for a watercolor painting in the Anderson SC Annual Arts Exhibit. index

      In June competed with Easels in Frederick (Maryland) with People's Choice Award easels-in-frederick

      In July competed for the 7th time in Plein Air Easton! (Maryland)  

  In June to be published in North Light's newest book "Sketchbook Confidential II".


Sketchbook Confidential 2: Enter the secret worlds of 41 master artists
Published June 2012

      In July I am excited about being "Artist in Residence" at the The Reserve at Lake Keowee.


What a Week! Eight paintings but

so many new friends. Thanks Reserve!




Greenville's KROC Center Opens

     Greenville, SC – The Salvation Army of Greenville is pleased to announce that Russell Jewell has been commissioned to create 11 panels to be permanent art installations. Large scale replicas of the pieces will be printed and installed in the lobby/concourse of the new Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center.

     “We are grateful to partner with Dr. Jewell, a local artist.  We are pleased that the artwork will be inspiring and uplifting while reflecting the activities that will be available at The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center” states Major Bobby Lancaster.  “In keeping with the vision and goals of the Center, the art will also be welcoming, supportive, and inclusive” continues Lancaster.


     "Dr. Jewell was selected from a talented group of Upstate artists who submitted their work for this project," shares Ellen Westkaemper, Performing Arts and Conference Center Director. "At The Kroc Center, our goal is to ensure the visual and performing arts are an integral part of the experience of every guest who walks through our  

doors. Dr. Jewell's paintings will play an important role in making that happen."



Within My Reach



          The Salvation Army seeks “to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.”  The goal of the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps is “to create community centers where children and families are exposed to different, people, arts and activities that would otherwise be beyond their reach.”   Therefore, “Within My Reach” becomes the theme that graces artist Russell Jewell’s series of paintings produced exclusively for Greenville’s Kroc Center.   The goal of each image is to challenge the viewer through its visual imagery and its verbal title, thus pondering the possibilities of the human spirit. Dr. Russell Jewell is an artist/educator from Easley, South Carolina.  His career has combined the forces of art and education in an effort to challenge individuals to discover their own passion for personal growth.  May your discoveries allow you to declare:  “It is within my reach!”   





Opening night at the KROC    


Below are all eleven paintings completed for Greenville's KROC Community Center:


Spiritual Solitude   Clearing Skies
Unveiling   Storytime


Beat of My Drum   Victory Lap
Unstoppable Drive   Future Fanfare



Window of Opportunity   High Flying
Splash Down    




What a GREAT Plein Air Summer!  In early June I participated in the Cranford, NJ "Paint the Town" plein air competition.  We began the week painting in Central Park, New York City.  The two images below were painted on the street just outside the park.  We proceeded to paint closer and closer to Cranford and finally painted downtown for the Quick Draw on Saturday. I won third place in the Quick Draw and the pieces below were awarded: "Artist's Choice" by my fellow artists.







In late June I participated in "Easels in Frederick" plein air competition in Frederick, MD.  I painted the two images below and the painting far right and far left was awarded "Collector's Choice" by the ticket holders at the collector's event.





Splash 11: New Directions: THE BEST OF WATERCOLOR


                  Splash 11 - New Directions: The Best Of Watercolor, Rachel Rubin Wolf, 1600613438

Bikes and Brugge as well as Double Decker are both out in the Splash 11: New Directions published in 2010.  Below is Splash 12 that was just published and made available in May of 2011.  




Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision: The Best of Watercolor


My painting: Amsterdam Morn is scheduled to be published in Splash 12: Splash 12 Celebrating Artistic VisionThe Best of Watercolor.  The Splash series showcases the finest watercolor paintings being created today. You will gain insight into methods of the best contemporary watercolor artists in the 12th edition of this top-selling series. Features over 125 paintings by 100 artists selected from over 1,500 submissions from watercolor and water-media painters across the world. Each painting is accompanied by a caption that offers instructive information on the theme of   "celebrating artistic vision" as interpreted by the contributing artists, revealing loads of instructional and inspirational tips on the watercolor medium.


     Splash 12 the Best of Watercolor: Celebrating Artistic Vision [Book]



Below is labor of love and art in its own way.  This little house was built in 1985 but in 1987 I moved on to bigger things and rented the house out. The house was rented for 23 years and the picture on the left was taken on August 1st 2010.  The picture on the right was taken after Christmas on January 1st 2011.  I completed all of the renovations and I am using it as a studio.  The light inside is incredible not to mention it sits on 3 acres on a 25 acre lake.






I am selling a new down-  sized viewfinder called the Jewell Box Classic.  This viewfinder does not have the reducing glass which makes it much more compact and simple.


Jewell Box Viewfinder

The painting sequence above is the feature information for a You Tube Jewell Box Viewfinder demonstration. Click on the following link: Jewell Box Viewfinder to see the viewfinder put to work.