Plein Air Paintings (paintings done on location)




Artists' Choice Award Plein Air Easton





                                           Easels in Fredericks                                              Best Quick Draw Mountain Md.                               Easels In Fredericks


Painted: Plein Air Easton - Published North Light Splash 17 Best of Watercolor

 $1000.00 Best Quick Draw Paint Annapolis - $500.00 People's Choice


$2500.00 Grand Prize  Piedmont Plein Air - $500.00 Best Artist by the Artists

$5000.00 Grand Prize Easels in Fredericks - $1000 Collector's Choice


Cashiers Plein Air


Easels in Fredericks


Cashiers Plein Air



                                                                                                      Easels in Fredericks                            Olmsted Plein Air

Plein Air Richmond, VA


Mountain Maryland



                                                                             Mountain Maryland                                                                              Plein Air Easton


Plein Air Easton


Mountain Maryland



                                                                         Collector's Choice                      2nd Place Quick Draw            Best Watercolor

                                                                        Easels in Fredericks                     Plein Air Easton                    Plein Air Easton



                                                                              Fredericks, MD                                Cranford, NJ                        Fredericks, MD


Cranford, NJ

Best Artist by the Artists Paint the Town Cranford, NJ