Russell Jewell is available for various workshop opportunities at beginner, intermediate levels and beyond including:

                                                                       Plein Air Painting

                                                                          Studio Painting   

Contact Russell Jewell ( for prices and availability.


Union County Art Teachers Workshop June 7-8 2018

Olmsted Watercolor Workshop Oct 30 - Nov 1 2018

Greenville County Art Museum SC Art Educators Workshop Nov. 30 2018

Chapin Arts Chapin, SC Feburary 8-9 2019

Athens Georgia Plein Air June 7-8 2019



Below is Russell Jewell's CURRICULUM CHALLENGE for his popular watercolor workshops:

This workshop is meant to give participants not only mental information but multiple physical and visual problem-solving approaches

that can be applied to the watercolor process.  Jewell will teach you how to see into the future of your watercolor painting before you paint it,

thus, allowing you to see the target painting you desire and the confidence to go for it.  Russell Jewell's primary medium is watercolor but his

techniques come from his doctorate in art education and 30 years of teaching his trial and error approach.  Jewell's self-criticism workshop

      is geared towards independent personal development;  it is open to all levels of artists.  Participants will learn how to become their own best critic.

Regardless of what level your art might be, you will see your art in a different light - a light that will allow you to see further down your own

path to success.